Walking on snow and ice

Walking on snow and ice can be difficult with many modern casual shoes offering little or no grip.

When snow is compacted, on roads or pavements, it often turns to very slippery ice and becomes very dangerous to walk on.

Petzl SPIKY PLUS Anti Slip Soles
Petzl SPIKY PLUS Anti Slip Soles

Help is at hand with a number of products designed to increase grip and avoid those embarrassing falls on the way to and from work.

Short spikes attached to a stretchy rubber overshoe are one solution in the form of the Petzl SPIKY PLUS Anti Slip Soles.

Flexible to slip over a number of shoe types, these anti slip soles are easily fitted and removed. When not in use they can be stored in an office drawer or bag for the next time.

We have heard of sets of ice overshoes being kept in the car glove box just in case of vehicle breakdown and the need to walk for help in icy conditions.

A number of other similar products go by the names of

These products do not provide any guarantee that you will not slip. However, they will provide extra grip during the commute to and from work in icy conditions.

Petzl SPIKY PLUS Anti Slip Soles
Small studs provide additional grip in icy conditions

Walking on ice

Please take care when walking on ice or in slippery conditions.  Proper footwear should be used appropriate to the situation.

If you were climbing an icy mountain then clearly equipment such as crampons should be fitted to stout sturdy boots.

The HSE has produced a webpage designed to offer further advice on how to avoid slips and trips in icy conditions at work.

Further information for snow and ice clearance

Using Volunteers to Clear Snow from School Grounds – Cornwall Council

Clearing snow and ice from pavements yourself – DirectGov website

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